Common abnormalities, such as poorly developed jaws or over-bites and under-bites, can cause problems, including difficulties with eating, swallowing, and even speaking properly. Some people are born with deformities, such as a cleft lip or cleft palate, which occur when part of the cavity between your mouth and nose don’t fuse together properly. People with simple teeth alignment problems can be treated with dental appliances such as braces. Orthognathic (jaw) surgery can be performed to realign the upper and/or lower jaw and correct more serious and complicated deformities by restoring the jaw and facial structures.

Sleep apnea

Snoring (also called sleep apnea) is abnormal breathing that can be a sign of an abnormality (usually benign) near the back of your throat when tissues and muscles become weakened or collapsed. In some people, chronic apnea can cause irregular heartbeats and disrupted sleeping.

Sleep apnea can be treated by several methods:
  • The uvula, the tiny finger-like appendage hanging down from the top of your throat, as well as some of the soft palate, can be safely and surgically altered or removed. For some apnea sufferers, this brings instant relief.
  • Use of a special breathing-assist machines called continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, connects your airway (usually the nose) to a special pump that delivers fresh air to your lungs while you sleep.

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